Training ground equipment and equestrian boxes, portable horse tack storage boxes

We offer professional equestrian boxes in which you can conveniently and safely store your horse riding equipment. Tack boxes are crates specially constructed for this purpose. They are perfect for everyday work at the stud, as well as during trips.

The GP-horse saddle boxes that we have in our store have chambers for saddles as well as drawers and holders for other equestrian equipment for the horse. We put ergonomics and aesthetic design on a par with functionality. Our equestrian boxes are light, stable and extremely durable - all this so that they can serve customers for years and help them continue their passion, which is equestrianism.

We invite you to choose one of the four models of our products:
Tack Box A22, Tack box E22, Tack box B22, Tack box S22

Create your own Tack Box!
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Tack boxes, saddle boxes, training equipment

In 2015, we created a company whose goal is to provide the best equipment to professional riders and people who love horses and work with them on a daily basis. We offer comprehensive stable equipment of the highest quality. Experience, determination and striving for perfection have allowed us to create a unique place where you can buy personalized, metal tack box and equipment for training place.

Saddle box configurator - create your own metal tack locker

Our company is primarily people who deal with horse riding on a daily basis. Our shared passion allowed us to create a shop for people like us - lovers of horses and everything related to them. Over the years of work, we have gained the trust of professionals around the world. Now we want to make the excellent quality we created accessible to everyone. Our metal saddle boxes are now available in configurator. You can create your own version of storage tack locker in excellent quality based on your own preferences.

Training ground equipment

Horses are our passion. We create the highest quality training ground equipment that we would like to use every day. Our equestrian shop is a place where you can find the training stands and many more. Our products are durable, made of high-quality materials and are available in many colors, which will allow for aesthetic arrangement of the place for equestrian training.

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