Equestrian boxes

We offer numerous models of equestrian packs that will meet the expectations of everyone.
The equestrian pack is an amazing work comfort - storing the equipment becomes a pleasure.

Equestrian boxes

Having your own horse or stud requires the purchase of many necessary accessories. The saddle, bridle, saddle pads and other equipment needed for horse riding are best stored in a specially constructed and dedicated crate. A professional box for riding equipment is the best choice.

The equestrian crate, i.e. a cabinet for top-class equipment

Packs are cabinets for equestrian equipment, which are designed to safely store and transport horse accessories. They facilitate everyday work as well as functioning in competitions. Why is it so important? The equipment that every rider, club and stud needs is very delicate and expensive. In addition, they often have to be transported. GPHorse packs are distinguished by comfortable use, ergonomics and a well-organized structure. Transporting and storing the necessary equipment simply becomes easier and safer.

How to choose an equestrian wardrobe?

Each GPHorse box for equestrian equipment is reliable and designed with the greatest care and attention to aesthetics. To choose the right model of the pack, it is enough to carefully analyze your needs. It is worth paying attention to issues such as:
• Appropriate size, capacity and number of doors
• Durability of the material the crate will be made of
• Internal organization of partitions, arrangement of shelves, handles and their number
• Efficient wheels, stability and possibly light, ergonomic construction

What more?

The color from the RAL palette is selected individually to the needs.

Choose built-in speakers and enjoy your favorite music while relaxing

Ability to place emblem on the front crate door.

Retractable handle available for all models.

We recommend a safe for valuables.

Indoor and outdoor lighting is a practical solution at dusk.

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What do you gain by buying a wardrobe for riding equipment?

• A specially organized crate in which the equipment can be safely transported, e.g. to a competition
• A solid and orderly place for a snare, bridle, saddle pads, brushes and other things needed at the stud
• Peace of mind and confidence that all items are properly stored

Why is it worth choosing our boxes for riding equipment?

GPHorse box are designed by people who loves horses and know their needs. We know very well that there are many things that a safe and comfortable ride requires - both for a horse and a human. We want all the necessary equipment to be in one, well-organized and easily accessible place.

GPHorse offers 6 unique models of equestrian packs: A class A17, E class E17, E class E17 Sport, B class B17, S class S17 and S class S17 Long. The available chests differ in parameters - thanks to this, each rider will be able to choose the most suitable variant for him.

Horses are our passion and our goal is to create ideal conditions for them at every stud and at every trip. Professional GPHorse crates will help keep order and guarantee safe transport. We invite you to familiarize with our offer and contact us!

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