What are equestrian boxes used for?

Equestrian boxes are used to store horse equipment. Depending on the chosen variant, you are able to accommodate one or more saddles, saddle pads and other elements needed for horse care and riding. Our offer includes equestrian boxes equipped with lighting, speakers, emblems, Svarowski crystals, electric drive and much more.

Are equestrian boxes weatherproof?

Equestrian boxes are weather resistant. They are made of aluminum, covered with a powder coating in the selected color. Thanks to this, they are effectively resistant to corrosion. Equestrian boxes are the perfect solution when we also use them in the field. Regardless of the weather conditions, equestrian accessories will be safe.

What materials are equestrian boxes made of?

As previously mentioned, equestrian boxes are made of lightweight metal. They are therefore durable, and at the same time relatively light, which allows for trouble-free movement.

Are there any portable options for equestrian boxes?

All equestrian boxes from the GP Horse offer are portable. Some of the equestrian boxes have a built-in electric drive as standard. This is a very convenient solution for larger saddle boxes.

How secure are lockable equestrian boxes?

Metal equestrian boxes are very safe. They have a built-in lock. If you need a safe, it is available in additional options.

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