Saddle Box, Tack Box B22

Dimensions of the saddle box

Info B22
Height: 138 cm
Width: 141 cm
Depth: 71 cm

The B22 saddle, tack box is a product of considerable size capacity and a wide range of additional systems. It will fit up to two saddles. The size of the B22 model is twice as large the size of the A22 model, which allows for storage of a wide range of equestrian accessories.


Standard equipment of the saddle box B22

Check out standard equipment of the B22 locker!

Pneumatic rear wheels (fixed) x2

Front swivel rubber wheels with brake x2

Left section saddle rack

Right section saddle rack

Pull-out system for head hangers x 24 pcs. - left section

Pull-out system for head hangers x 24 pcs. - right section

Airy front door grille in the GPair system

Side handles for moving the box

Pull-out upper drawer, left section

Pull-out upper drawer, right section

The extension opens telescopically with a lock

Saddle hanger height adjustment systems

Aluminum floor mats

Colored handles

Side, bottom brackets for winch hitch

Internal, reinforcing frame

Saddle box, tack box from GP Horse - Model B22 characteristicsSaddle box, tack box from GP Horse - Model B22 characteristics lightening

Key features of B22 Saddle, Tack Box

B22 Model

Our best solutions

Meet the latest model B22, created using all our best solutions.


The extraordinary capacity and durability allow for comfortable transport of the necessary equestrian equipment even for several horses.

Electric drive

The world's first equestrian box with a built-in electric drive that ensures easy movement of the B22 even in deep sand or mud. Loading a saddle box into a horse wagon has never been so easy.

GPled System

The GPled system provides long-term and full lighting of the entire box, even for several hours without the need to recharge the battery.

B22-paka-jezdziecka-closed-horseSaddle box, tack box from GP Horse fact - Model B22
B22-paka-jezdzieckaSaddle box, tack box from GP Horse fact 3 - Model B22
B22-paka-jezdziecka-closedSaddle box, tack box from GP Horse fact 3 - Model B22
B22-paka-jezdziecka-closed-1Saddle box, tack box from GP Horse fact 2 - Model B22
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Features of GPhorse saddle boxes

Exceptional quality of our saddle boxes

The saddle boxes presented on the website are made of metal (aluminum), which makes them durable and lightweight at the same time. They have a wide range of accessories and personalization options to choose from - e.g. we place emblems and Svarowski crystals. Our boxes are made for special orders and that is why we focus on very high quality of products.


We have convenient, innovative systems for pulling out hangers for bridles, a removable drawer for brushes, an adjustable rear handle for moving the pack and many others.

Volume and space

Our saddle boxes are the most capacious lockers in their class, containing all the necessary elements for trips to competitions and horse care.

Careful workmanship

Saddle boxes are characterized by perfection in every detail, thanks to the great commitment of: designers, welders, electricians and, above all, riders.

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