Equestrian box S17

A capacious equestrian box that will satisfy everyone.

Specification S17
Height: 160 cm
Width: 140 + 10 cm (rear handle)
Depth: 60 cm


A large and roomy riding box is intended for competitors with up to two saddles. It is twice the size of the E17 sport class, which makes the organization of accessories very easy. At the base there are large, pumped wheels that absorb shocks and make it easier to move the pack even on sandy terrain. They also ensure stability during operation, e.g. when sliding out the drawers.

Standard equipment:

- pneumatic, fixed wheels, front x2

- pneumatic rear wheels with brake x2

- bottom, fixed saddle rack

- upper, fixed saddle hanger

- bridle hangers fixed x8

- airy front door grill in the GPair system

- the right part of the crate with a compartment for e.g. a tailcoat

- rubber mats

- side pull-out hangers for wet pads and rugs with a magnetic snap x4

- handles in a pack color

- telescopic extension

- saddle hanger height adjustment system

- side foldable handles x2

- retractable stabilizing legs

Additional equipment

- bridle hangers
- internal, removable box
- saddle hangers
- drawers, additional internal lockers
- external drawers
- additional closing
- additional sound system
- hangers
- emblem
- lighting
- case

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All options included in the A CLASS A17 pack offer can be found in the product configurator at www.gphorse.com

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